Facehook — The Art of Grabbing Attention

“A Facehook is a status update engineered to solicit comments from friends by deliberately posting thought-provoking statements designed to attract interest.”


Who doesn’t want attention? Whether you are looking to become more popular on social media, or are a professional internet marketer, you need to master the art of creating a buzz.

1. Keep it really, really short

Most of your friends won’t read more than 80 characters of your update, before they consider skipping to the next. You have less than a second to catch your readers’ interest. Choose your words and content with surgical precision.

2. Images cannot be underestimated

If your friend posted this image, wouldn’t you like it?

cute kitten

Pictures appeal directly to emotions, concepts, and attitudes in ways that words cannot. However, never use pictures people have seen before. All your posts should be unique.

3. Ask questions

Questions make people stop and think. “Am I cute?” would fit the picture above. Questions generate action like nothing else.

4. Know your audience

If your friends are a bunch of football fans, there won’t notice your last poem, even if it is brilliant. Give your network what it wants, and do it good.

5. Less is more

Pace your posts. More than once a day is not recommended. If you are away for a some time, try not logging in at all. Your network will wonder where you went. When you come back, post a kick-ass image and a “Guess where I just were!”

6. Be different

During major events such as Christmas or Super Bowl, most people will post very similar things. These are excellent opportunities to stick out.

7. Delete low-performing posts

Not a single interaction within the hour? Delete the post! Most people fail to realize how important this is. Your timeline should be a collection posts with many likes, shares and comments.

8. Give back

Like your friends’ updates. Write entertaining comments. Share the good ones. People love attention. Give them that, and they will return the favor.

9. Be sneaky creative

Try posting a great image without any text. If it goes viral, it will soon reach thousands of timelines. At that time, you are free to edit the caption and for example insert a link to something you are promoting. And boom, thousands of free backlinks!

10. Never, ever pay for likes

Forget about Fiverr and other “SEO” offers. Paying for likes, shares or comments will not only lose you money. It will severely damage your profile. The big players’ algorithms are very sophisticated today, and will immediately detect any such activity. Avoid!

If you found this guide useful, please drop us a line! Do you have more tips worth mentioning?

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